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Hailing from Cleveland Ohio, Chris Walker, Steve Fade, and Ryan Hodson of Broccoli Samurai set their path to make a footprint in the electronic jam scene. Psychedelic overtones of progressive electronica with a heavy drum and bass groove envelop the sounds of Broccoli Samurai. Mind-altering, Dub-stepping, trance-grooving, zone out or get off your ass and dance music Many ask “Where’d the name came from?” long story short, just watch the video Click here to watch the video…..she’s choppin BROCCOLI!

Born in Cleveland Ohio, Ryan discovered at an early age his passion for music. Playing piano and guitar from age 8 to present, Ryan has mainly self-taught himself the wizardry of controlling music and energy. Ryan has played in numerous bands over the years including Neroaxis, Dirty Television, Wisconsin, The Sun Remnants, and Cound (pronounced sound). As of recently he has discovered his passion for electronics including analog and digital synthesizers, incorporating new sonic tones to bring music to different spectrum’s. Ryan has studied Recording Arts and Technology at Tri-C in Cleveland Ohio, and received a bachelors degree in 2011 . Ryan has many musical influences, ranging from Pink Floyd, Phish, Brian Eno, The Disco Biscuits, Bluetech, Ott, Delerium, Vargo, and Pitch Black only to name a few.

Steve Fade began playing bass guitar in the summer of 2000 after having played the clarinet, alto saxophone and tenor saxophone. He took lessons in improvisational music and has been playing improvisational jams since. After years of developing his ear for improv music and studying web design and interactive media at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Steve meet Chris Walker and Ryan Hodson and the mind stretching ever expanding and evolving jams of Broccoli Samurai were born. With his taste for technology and a growing interest in electronic music he has found a new voice to express his improvisational ideas.

Christopher Walker has been playing percussion since he was a toddler. His father is a jazz musician, and his original source of inspiration. He dabbled in playing the Guitar, Piano, Flute, Clarinet, and Cello, but was inherently drawn toward the drums. His earlier influences were drummers such as Bill Bruford, Billy Cobham, Carter Beauford, Stewart Copeland and Vinnie Paul (who said one should stick to one genre???). Having learned to play by ear, he studied the grooves, energy, and transitions of these skillful beat keepers. Having been recently introduced to the live electronic scene in 2009, Chris was become a fan of drummers such as JoJo Mayer, Adam Deitch, Lane Shaw and Mike Greenfield to name a few. He looks forward to progressing each and every day, as progression is the key to music.